We’re really glad to be able to share our experience we had with Isaac Scott and First Team Savings.  

Scott first spoke to us about the solar power system in February, 2021. We were pretty set to sign up until we learned there would be a soft hit on our credit. We weren’t comfortable with it because we had just started refinancing our home. Scott understood our position. He was very kind about it. I think it was June that my husband, Raymond said he wanted to have Scott come back again. He didn’t want to speak to anyone else, he liked Scott and felt he was genuine and knew his stuff. Scott returned, he worked out all the figures, answered all of our questions and made it happen. The team who installed the panels, were efficient, great guys. Had it done in 2 days and no mess, nothing. 

Our electrical panel needed to be updated, the folks who took care of it were done within a day. All of it passed with the City. 

All the information we were given has been spot on. The process, the panels and SCE, all of it, has been exactly what Scott said it would be. We are saving money! And, we made a good friend!